Applications to industry areas

Quantum technology will impact widely on almost all areas of life just as classical information technology has done.  The applications for quantum technology cut across health, agriculture, finance, transport, ICT, security and defence.

As quantum technologies rapidly develop, industries will potentially be able to solve complex problems not easily achieved by classical computers. We are already seeing some of these technologies being applied in some industry areas today.

Diamond cutting

Potential industry impacts

  • Health & Pharmaceuticals

    • Accelerate drug discovery and development
    • Improve understanding of biological mechanisms
  • Financial Services

    • Efficient detection of fraudulent behaviour
    • Dynamic portfolio optimisation
  • Environment

    • Development of new gradiometers for non-invasive exploration
    • Reduce CO2 in fertiliser production
  • Defence & Cyber Security

    • Protect national cyber infrastructure
    • Ultra-precise timing for navigation
  • Manufacturing

    • Discovery of new high-tech materials
    • Enhanced sensing and measurement
  • Transport & Infrastructure

    • Improve the efficiency of mass transit systems
    • Optimise solutions to vehicle routing problems

Images courtesy of Macquarie University and the University of Sydney.