Building a national nexus of quantum excellence through collaboration

SQA has been funded by the Australian Department of Industry, Science and Resources (DISR) to manage the National Quantum Collaboration Initiative (NQCI) to be delivered to the Federal Government in early 2024.

NQCI Overview: The SQA together with an expert team from Nous Group have commenced a comprehensive national consultation to seek advice on how Australia can best encourage national collaboration on the development of a future diverse workforce, and create a pipeline of quantum skills while ensuring Australia retains specialised talent. This initiative falls under Theme 3 of the National Quantum Strategy released in May 2023.  While there may be some overlap with other consultations, the NQCI is a distinct program.

Progress to Date: In the past five weeks, we've gathered initial insights from leading quantum academics across Australia through interviews and workshops. Key insights include strong support for a national approach, strategies to increase interest in quantum research and education, and the recognition of the need for commitment and investment from government, academia, and industry.

Next Steps: The NQCI consultation will continue from September to November, encompassing interviews, workshops, and focus groups with a broader range of stakeholders from academia, government, and industry. Our goal is to shape a national quantum skills and training model, promote diversity in quantum talent, and position Australia as a quantum leader.

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This is a significant opportunity for the Australian quantum community to shape the future of quantum skills and workforce development. We encourage you to promptly respond if you are contacted by Nous.

You can offer your own feedback by completing a short survey on how Australia can meet its future quantum skills needs. The survey is closing on 13 October.

On average this survey should take 5-10 minutes to complete.


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