What is Quantum Technology

Quantum is rapidly emerging as an era defining technology based on harnessing the novel principles of quantum mechanics. Its potential is enormous across computing, communications, and sensing, as well as fundamental science. The speed at which it is developing has already sparked rapid acceleration in investment from leading industry players and governments across the world.

The following are examples of applications and areas where quantum technologies will have major impacts. Some of these technologies are already commercially available. Many still require further research. Australia has been at the forefront of this ongoing quantum revolution.

  • Quantum communications

    This field applies quantum physics to the secure encoding and transmission of information.

  • Quantum chemistry

    Using quantum technologies to advance the study of large chemical structures and reactions.

  • Quantum sensing

    Developing new kinds of detectors that take advantage of the extreme sensitivity of quantum systems.

  • Quantum simulation

    Using tailored quantum systems to understand complex natural phenomena.

  • Quantum computing

    Developing new hardware and software that leverages quantum mechanical effects to process information in fundamentally new ways.

  • Quantum metrology

    Harnessing quantum mechanical properties to improve the precision and accuracy of measurements.

  • Nanofabrication

    Fabricating components such as circuits and other devices at the scale of nanometres.

  • Artificial intelligence

    Using quantum algorithms to enable more powerful machine learning and optimisation.


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Images courtesy of Macquarie University and the University of Sydney.