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Quantum is not just inspiration for superhero and science fiction movies. From space exploration to improving health outcomes and drug delivery, quantum science could change technology as we know it.  

The huge potential of the technology is spurring a rapidly growing industry.  According to Australia's national science agency, CSIRO, commercialising quantum technologies could create an Australian industry worth $2.2 billion and 8,700 jobs by 2030. This could reach nearly $6 billion and 19,400 jobs by 2045. Australia has world-class quantum research capabilities and an emerging quantum technology industry underpinned by the expertise and IP developed in its research institutions. As home to one of the world’s largest concentrations in quantum expertise, Sydney will play a crucial role in the sector’s growth.

Many of the world's best researchers, startups and companies in quantum are now on the lookout for talent to undertake research and develop new technologies and applications. Below you'll find plenty of info to help you find your way to an exciting career in quantum. Click on the links to take you to:

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The Quantum Future

As the demand for quantum technologies continues to surge, the demand for skilled professionals in this field rises in tandem.

While many quantum experts have roots in quantum physics, the broadening application of quantum technologies means that job opportunities have expanded across various sectors.

From hardware engineers responsible for constructing and operating the core quantum components, known as qubits, to electronics engineers who are developing interfaces for these qubits. Furthermore, mechanical engineers and software engineers play a vital role in controlling and programming quantum computers.

Join us to delve deeper into the quantum future and the exciting career opportunities it presents.

Career stories

Sydney hosts many of the world’s leading researchers and innovators in quantum science and technology. Check out the career journeys of these quantum experts, and hear their advice for others looking to enter the field — on our website and in Careers with STEM magazine's Quantum special.

How to get there: programs and courses 

Our programs and scholarships can prepare you for an exciting career in quantum technology.  

You can study and undertake research with leading quantum experts at our partner universities: Macquarie University, UNSW Sydney, the University of Sydney,  and the University of Technology Sydney.  Course offerings cover all areas of quantum science and technology – from developing new sensors through to communication technologies and of course computing, both on the hardware and software sides.

Below are a few of the pathways and programs on offer to support you on your journey towards a career in quantum.

Job opportunities

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