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“I really, really loved this experience"               “It was very insightful, an amazing experience!"

Our Undergraduate Research Scholarship program offers an exciting opportunity for students to dive into quantum technology with paid six-week summer holiday research projects. Projects typically last for 6 weeks, between December 2024 and March 2025 and several projects can be completed partly or fully online.

Successful applicants will:
✔️ Undertake a cutting-edge research project at one of our prestigious partner universities: the University of Technology Sydney, the University of Sydney, UNSW Sydney, or Macquarie University
✔️ Work closely with leading experts in the field who will guide and mentor you
✔️ Gain hands-on experience in scientific research, broaden your understanding of quantum technology, and learn new skills
✔️ Attend a celebratory event at the end of the program where you can mingle with other students and supervisors
✔️ Receive a scholarship valued at AU$3,333.

The scholarships are open to students studying at our partner universities or attending a university in NSW. There will also be a number of scholarship places reserved for students identifying as women, to ensure the future of the quantum sector is more gender diverse. 

Applications for the 2024/25 cohort open on the 28 August 2024. Join our mailing list to be notified once applications open.


Hear from the previous students

"I'd highly recommend this experience to anyone who wants to learn more about something that's maybe out of their field, maybe pushing the boundaries ... I think it's an amazing experience.” Shoshana, Macquarie University

"I enjoyed the interactions with the higher-level academics as well as the actual content of our research." Alice, UNSW

"The SQA Scholarship gave me the opportunity to try professional research for the very first time, which is a transformative experience." Wil, Macquarie University

"I thoroughly enjoyed the combination of theory and experimentation in my project. The process of researching and learning about the project, fabricating devices, testing and characterising them, and analyzing the data was incredibly fulfilling." Tegan, Macquarie University

"I wanted to get a broader understanding of the quantum field, and I definitely did. I got to work on quantum instruments, do some electromagnetic simulations, learn the lingo and ask lots of questions." Daniel, UTS

2 students working in a lab

Application details

  • Projects are offered from across our four partner universities, with some on offer for remote students. Projects for the 2024/25 cohort will be added early August. Browse the 2023/24 cohort projects here.
  • The SQA Undergraduate Research Scholarship total value is AU$3,333.
  • The project period is for six weeks between December 2024 to March 2025 (exact dates will depend on project supervisor availability), on a full-time basis (35 hours/week for six weeks during normal working hours unless advised otherwise by the supervisor). Flexible arrangements can be made to accommodate, for example, carer responsibilities.
  • Eligible applicants will be awarded on academic merit, their personal statement and suitability to the projects offered.
  • Applicants of all genders are welcome to apply.  Some scholarship places will be reserved for students who identify as women.
  • If you are a domestic student, you must an Australian citizen or permanent resident, and be enrolled in an undergraduate program at a university in NSW.
  • If you are an international student, you must be enrolled at an SQA partner university (the University of Technology Sydney, the University of Sydney, UNSW Sydney, or Macquarie University).
  • You must have completed a minimum of the equivalent of 1.5 years of full-time study towards your undergraduate degree by the time you commence your research project.
  • If you were previously awarded an SQA Undergraduate Research Scholarship, you are not eligible to apply.

To be considered, please upload a copy of your university transcript and a 1-page personal statement in your application.

In your application, you will be asked to note your project preferences. Projects for the 2024/25 cohort will be added early August. Browse the 2023/24 cohort projects here.

Please also read through the SQA Undergraduate Research Scholarships Conditions of Award before submitting your application. Please note, the Conditions of Award are currently under review and may be subject to minor changes.

Image courtesy of the University of Sydney.