Sydney is fast becoming a global hub for the emerging quantum technology industry. However, access to state-of-the-art infrastructure is critical to ensure the industry’s success and to enable innovators to turn great ideas into reality. 

As the development of quantum devices increases and as the race to develop a fully functional quantum computer intensifies, so will the demand for highly specialised, accessible and state-of-the-art facilities.  

An event held recently at the Quantum Terminal —the Sydney Quantum Facilities Showcase — put the spotlight on the facilities available to quantum innovators and the wider industry. 

The event featured opening addresses from Robyn Preston MP (Member for Hawkesbury, Parliamentary Secretary for Science, Innovation and Technology, Parliament of NSW); Hugh Durrant-Whyte (NSW Chief Scientist and Engineer) and Brian Boyle (Chair of Sydney Quantum Academy). 

The showcase hosted short presentations from some of Australia’s top quantum infrastructure and manufacturing facilities located in NSW and Sydney, with presenters including Navin Chandrasekaran, Client Engagement Facilitator at Australian National Fabrication Facility; Katie Green, Group Leader, Quantum Sensors at the CSIRO Lindfield Collaboration Hub; Julie Cairney — CEO, Microscopy Australia; Nadia Court, Director of the Semiconductor Sector Service Bureau (S3B); and Ben Kitcher, Executive Director, Research & Technology at Advanced Manufacturing Research Facility. 
Experts from higher education, government and industry sectors joined a panel discussing university facilities and how to make the most of quantum infrastructure, with panellists including Ben Eggleton (Director, Sydney Nano, University of Sydney); Cathy Foley (Australia’s Chief Scientist); Maria Kieferova (SQA Fellow & Lecturer at UTS; Research Scientist at Google Quantum AI); Andrea Morello (Scientia Professor of Quantum Engineering, UNSW Sydney) and Michael Steel (Professor of Physics, Macquarie University). 

Event recording 

The event recording featuring presenter slides is now available online. The recording experienced audio issues experienced on the day, which unfortunately impacted small sections of the recording. If you'd like to skip to relevant sections of the video, time stamps have been included in the video comments. 

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