The Sydney Quantum Academy, a collaboration between four leading Australian universities and the NSW Government designed to accelerate the growth of the quantum technology ecosystem, has secured an impressive line-up for its External Advisory Board.

The board includes 10 senior representatives from government and industry, including leaders from international and local start-ups, venture capital, and technology firms.

The advisory board will provide advice and insights to inform Sydney Quantum Academy’s strategic initiatives, including programs designed to foster quantum talent and technology, support local networks and attract investment.

The External Advisory Board members are:

"We're very fortunate to have these global tech industry and government leaders involved. It demonstrates the significance of what’s happening in the quantum space in Sydney,” said Professor Peter Turner, Sydney Quantum Academy Chief Executive and Chair of the External Advisory Board.

“The Advisory Board will be invaluable to SQA’s engagement strategy, helping us to bridge gaps between academia, industry, and government.”