What excites our students about the Sydney quantum scene?

Hear from our PhD Scholarship students on the benefits of being part of the Sydney quantum community. Featured (in order of appearance) are Juliette Soule (University of Sydney), Elisabeth Wagner (Macquarie University), Fabio Henriques (University of Technology Sydney) and Wyatt Vine (UNSW Sydney). Their research supervisors and project titles are:

  • Juliette Soule, University of Sydney. Supervisor Prof Stephen Bartlett. Thesis: Bosonic error correction in topological quantum systems.
  • Elisabeth Wagner, Macquarie University. Supervisor: Prof Gavin Brennen. Thesis: Quantum Cellular Automata in spin lattices.
  • Fabio Henriques, University of Technology Sydney. Supervisor: A/Prof Nathan Langford. Thesis: Digital simulation of the quantum Rabi model phase transition in circuit QED.
  • Wyatt Vine, UNSW Sydney. Supervisor: Prof Andrea Morello. Thesis: Coupling a Flip-Flop Qubit to a Cavity.

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PhD student videos

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SQA PhD Scholarship Recipients

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The following list contains successful scholarship recipients.

Omprakash ChandraAjit DashAfhamNouédyn Baspin
Rakesh SainiMarcus GoffageArinta AuzaAdesh Kushwaha
Ronakraj GosaliaAfrad BasheerMaverick Millican
Nathan LongTreerat SrivipatTimothy Newman
Zachary MilgateZhicheng ZhangVanessa Olaya
William Pappas
Aaquib Shamim
Gozde Ustun
Arjen Vaartjes
Dan GeorgePaul SteinackerJingtong GeArjun Rao
Riddhi GhoshSamuel SutherlandDarcy MorganAlan Robertson
Zsolt SzaboSteve YuSrikara Shankara
Louis Tessler
Anirban Dey Miles CollinsBin ChengArkin Tikku
Wenbo ShiLena GasserGuang-Qi Zhao
Upender SinghYidong Liao
Hyma Harish Vallabhapurapu
Rocky Su
Jemy GeordyJesus CifuentesFabio Henriques Juliette Soule
Alexander HahnTom DayXin HongFelix Thomsen
Sebastian MurkMengke FengCahit Kargi
Raji B NairIrene Fernandez de FuentesGuangxi Li
Elisabeth WagnerWilliam GilbertAngsar Manutaly
Ingvild HansenMauricio Morales
Yue Jonathan HuangLirande Pira
James Slack-SmithMaria Quadeer
Rostyslav SavytskyyAlexis Shaw
Amanda SeedhouseYoule Wang
Santiago Serrano
Holly Stemp
Ensar Vahapoglu
Wyatt Vine
Zeheng Wang

Image courtesy of the University of Sydney