Ways to study quantum

Looking to study or specialise in quantum science and technology?  Browse the list below for relevant degrees and units of study from our partners: 

University of Technology Sydney 
Bachelor of Computing Science (Honours) (Quantum Information Science major)
Bachelor of Advanced Science (Quantum Technology major)*
Bachelor of Science (Physics major)*
*These are new degrees on offer in 2023. Further details and links will be published as soon as they become available.

Our partner universities also offer a range of course units related to quantum science and technology. Browse the table below to see what is available. These units of study have been organised by recommended year of study. However, please ensure you refer to your own degree structure to determine the best stage to undertake a chosen unit.  

You will also need to review your current degree award requirements to determine if you are eligible to undertake any of the units shown below.  For more information contact your University or the course coordinator for your chosen unit of study shown in the list below. See our helpful guide on how to apply for cross-institutional study.

Please note: units are not all confirmed for 2022 and as such some unit information, below, is from 2021.