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Program Handbook

For information about the SQA PhD Experience Program, including what’s involved and the coursework options available, download the Student Handbook.

Upcoming Events

As an SQA PhD Experience student, you have access to a range of exciting SQA events. See below a calendar of upcoming seminars, workshops, panels, and key dates.  

You can also subscribe to this calendar to your own device. If you use Google calendar, click here. If you use Apple iCal, go to File > New Calendar Subscription and enter this link. For Outlook, see here for instructions, and for step 6 enter this link

It's a live calendar and new events will be added as information is confirmed. 

SQA Student Committee

SQA Student Committee

  • Ajit Dash  (UNSW) - Quantum & Tech Research Events Representative - slack username: Ajit Dash
  • Dan George (MQ) - Chair - slack username: Dan George
  • Gargi Tyagi (USYD) - Career, Training & Industry Representative - slack username: Gargi Tyagi
  • Louis Tessler (MQ) - Social & Engagement Representative - slack username: Louis Tessler
  • Marcus Goffage (UNSW) - Secretary/Deputy Chair - slack username: Marcus Goffage
  • Riddhi Ghosh (MQ) - Career, Training & Industry Representative - slack username: Riddhi

See the SQA Student Committee Terms of Reference for further information on the roles and responsibilities of the committee and its members. 

Contact us

We’re here to support you! Let us know if you have any questions or concerns about your SQA scholarship or the PhD Experience program.  

About the PhD Experience Program:
Rose Graham– Project and Administration Officer (Student Experience)

About your SQA scholarship:
Richard Withers – Program Manager (Education) 

Contact us via info.sqa@sydney.edu.au or Slack. 

Images courtesy of the Australian National Fabrication Facility at UNSW and the University of Sydney.