Expand your horizons with quantum

Quantum technology is poised to become a $86 billion global industry, creating 16,000 new jobs in Australia by 2040. The more expansive your quantum knowledge is, the better placed you’ll be for future study and work!

Our four partner universities in Sydney are now offering quantum-related units of study that you can apply for.

With cross-institutional study, you’ll benefit from the diverse knowledge and specialisations in this emerging area and receive credit towards your degree.

See below how to apply and to view the units available across the University of Sydney, UNSW Sydney, University of Technology Sydney (UTS) and Macquarie University.

Step 1: Choose your quantum unit of study

Before you apply for cross-institutional study, you'll need to decide which unit(s) you want to study.

Our partner universities offer a range of units for different year groups and specialisations. Have a look at the range of opportunities available to you!

male student working with laser machine

Step 2: Get approval from your home university

To apply for cross-institutional study, you’ll need approval from both your home (where you're currently studying) and host university (where your unit of choice is being offered).

The host university will usually need evidence that your home university approves your request, so you’ll need to apply to your home university first.

See here for information on the processes at our partner universities, but if you study elsewhere, your university should have their own processes too.

You must submit an enquiry titled 'Concurrent Studies Application' and attach a Concurrent Studies application form.

You do not need to get Part A of this form signed by an Exemptions Officer; this will be handled by the Lifecycle Team.

Concurrent Studies requests can take up to 20 business days to be completed. 

See more information here.

You should apply for permission to undertake cross institutional study at least a month ahead of the commencement date of your studies at your host institution. 

Apply here.

See more information here.

Students must submit their request online. The application process can differ slightly depending on what Faculty you are in. Refer to the University website for information on how to apply, and what documentation is required.

Cross Institutional Study requests should be lodged at least four to six weeks prior to the start of the session at your host institution. 

See more information here.

Lodge your concurrent study application via AskUTS.

You will be required to attach the outline for your chosen unit of study – available here.

Applications must be submitted at least four weeks before the start of the session or other teaching period during which you wish to undertake study at your host institution. 

More information here.

Step 3: Apply for cross-institutional study

Once you have approval from your home university, you can apply for admission into your chosen cross-institutional unit of study.

Apply here.

You will be required to attach a completed Macquarie University Institution form, with approval from your home institution. To have this form approved by your home institution, contact your Student Centre:

Application deadlines: More information here.

Apply here.

You will be required to attach an approval letter and fee liability form.

The approval letter can be a copy of your home institution confirmation of cross-institutional study approval.

To have your fee liability form status details completed by your home institution, contact your Student Centre:

Application deadlines: More information here.

Apply here.

You will be required to attach evidence of your home institution’s approval for you to undertake cross-institutional study and evidence of current fee liability status.

Application deadlines: More information here.

Lodge your cross-institutional study form via AskUTS.

You will be required to attach a letter from your home institution, stating:

  • that the subject/s applied for will be credited towards your home institution award course
  • your current fee liability status at your home institution i.e., Commonwealth Supported or Domestic Full-Fee
  • when you commenced your current course of study (if Commonwealth Supported)

To have your letter organised, contact your Student Centre:

Application deadlines: More information here.

Interested in quantum unit of study, but not enrolled in a degree?

If you would like to do an undergraduate quantum unit of study, but are not enrolled in a degree, you can apply to undertake the unit as non-award.

Non-award study means that it isn’t counted towards a degree in which you are enrolled (however you could potentially apply to have it counted as credit towards a degree in the future, depending on the degree’s resolutions, course rules and pathway).

Check your proposed host university’s website for details on how to apply and eligibility:

Alternatively, if you’re interested in enrolling in a quantum undergraduate degree, visit our programs page for more information.